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About us
Our love story began on the dance floor at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Since that fateful meeting...

Wedding Photography in Minneapolis

Your wedding day will be one with dozens of stories unfolding around you and, as documentary photographers, we’re there to capture all the moments of your wedding—big and small. From a relaxed morning in hair and makeup, to wedding party shenanigans, to the highly anticipated walk down the aisle for your heartfelt vows, to a rowdy dance floor-we’re excited to create visual memories of all your moments.

Wedding photographers based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cadence & Eli also photograph weddings throughout the United States and across the world. We know firsthand that every wedding is different but that they’re all bound by love, family, and friends.

Above all else, photos tell the story of your adventure as a couple and all the reasons why you love each other. From the little things that make you laugh, to those that make you cringe, your wedding photos should show future generations who you were and how you loved.

Whether it’s an elegant dinner party in St. Paul, a barn wedding with 400+ guests, or a bride in her grandmother’s dress, and a break dancing groom; let us document the beginning moments of your new life together.

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