Wish List

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About this time last year I couldn’t stop talking about Vera Wang’s black wedding dresses.  I blogged about it and–behold–we booked a bride who will be wearing a black Vera. Last week I said I’d trade a cookie for a portrait session and-voila-I had cookies!  

Eli and I spend a lot of time talking about the different types of weddings we’d love to shoot, or the people we’d like to meet and photograph, or the places we want to work.  So, universe (and social media networks) here’s our current wish list. If you or someone you know fits one of these criteria, let’s talk.

1.  Love is love.  We’re for everybody’s right to marry.  Help us find our first same-sex couple.

2.  Who wants a free portrait session?  This couple must be game to shoot at NIGHT in a giant RAINSTORM.  We promise it will be awesome.

3.  Eli & I love to dance. And we love photographing dances.  We’d love to photograph a professional dancers’ wedding.

4.  Cuba.  For years we’ve talked about a trip where we spend the entire time making photos and telling stories so we’d love to donate our time to an amazing NGO/non-profit group in Cuba.

5.  Photograph a birth.  Because wouldn’t it be amazing to have professional photographs of the moments right before your family expanded and of you meeting your child for the very first time? Yes, yes, it would.

6.  As a kid, I spent a lot of my summers in Maine playing on the beach, picking blueberries, and eating lobster rolls.  I’m dying to shoot an east coast wedding, specifically one in Maine.

7.  The big kahuna: a European wedding.  Email us for the nitty gritty on this one–it’s good.