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We're Cadence & Eli

We shoot for love. In ten years of business we’ve photographed over three hundred weddings, and all the big days before and after.  Our clients know what they want, and they know what they don’t want. No cheese. No stiffness. No flimsy memories.

That glow you get around her. When his pinkie hooks yours as you wait in line. The way Mom gets around babies. How the little one looks like a mini-version of his grandparents. How she looks when she laughs. The quiet pride he has in you. The way they smile to themselves. For us, it’s not just about the occasion or the location. We want to see what you see when you look at the people you love. We find beauty in what’s real.  

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Our love story began on the dance floor at First Avenue.

Cadence comes from a long line of photographers and music teachers. As a kid, she got her film developed at Kmart. She always made sure to check “double prints” on the envelope so she could give copies away to her subjects.  

Eli started playing in the dark room in college. His father also took photos, which is where he got a sense of humor and an eye for angles. After he met Cadence, whenever she put down her camera, he picked it up. Now, they both have their own.

We’re happiest when we’re dancing in the kitchen with our baby Solomon, snuggled up on the couch watching our favorite shows (Eli: Game of Thrones; Cadence: The Americans), sipping whiskey cocktails, and of course, adding to the family album.

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