I met Niels & Susanne several years ago when I was still working full time for IKEA.  They had just accepted positions in Minneapolis and were moving from Belfast.  Over the next few years we worked together, enjoyed backyard barbecues and long conversations. Frequently the topic turned to when Niels and Susanne would get married…not if, but when.  They had, after all, been together for nearly 7 years and had moved all over the world together with IKEA.  Susanne always said it was important to have everyone who meant a lot to them to attend the wedding.  This meant asking people to travel from all over the world…but to where? Where would they eventually be married?  This was the unanswered question.

Last spring, life took an unexpected turn–Niels and Susanne found out they would be expecting a baby boy in September.  Niels officially proposed on holiday in New Zealand and suddenly the unanswered question was no more.  They decided to be married in Susanne’s home town of Berlin in April.  And, yes, friends and family traveled from all over the world to see these two get married…and to meet baby Rasmus.  It was an intimate celebration filled with touching reunions.  I feel very fortunate that they trusted me to document this time in their lives, it was really beautiful.



To Niels, Suse, and Rasmus: Congratulations and best of luck on your new life in Austria. You will be missed.